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Youth Music welcomes creation of music education hubs

Children’s charity Youth Music has praised the Department for Education on its plans to create new music education hubs.
It claims that if the plans go ahead and hubs are set up across the UK, children will get a “more holistic, better joined-up and really engaging offer”.
The hubs will work, it said, from strong partnerships that have developed across the music sector over the past few years.
New hubs are just one of the ideas set out in the National Plan for Music Education, which was launched earlier this month. Youth Music largely welcomed the document, stating that it “admirably picks up and builds upon” the recommendations made in the Henley Review of Music Education.
It said the document sets out a clear vision and structure for bringing music to children across the UK.
However, the charity stressed that more work is needed to ensure that children’s individual needs for improving their music education are supported in the directions best suited for them.
“Schools will be the central focus for guaranteeing a certain level of music education provision for all or most children,” it remarked.
“For this to be really embedded and secure, we hope for a positive outcome in relation to music’s continued place within the national curriculum, and welcome the positive indications on this that the plan gives.”
Youth Music suggested that music in schools and outside in hubs will be inter-connected to provide efficient routes of progression for pupils.
Some commentators have criticised the reality of the plan as the music sector is hit with budget cuts. Youth Music noted that the plan will be a “challenge” but said the hubs should make better use of the resources available and make money go further.
The charity funds music projects, develops music programmes and gives children and young people access to music-making projects. As well as helping disadvantaged people, it also encourages music potential and improves music leadership.

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