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Young violinist wins the chance to play a £4million Stradivarius

Stradivarius violins are some of the most famous and expensive instruments in the world.
In late 2011, ABRSM and Pure Solo ran a competition offering one lucky, and highly talented violinist a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play one of these multi-million pound instruments.
Laura Ayoub was the winner who headed to Sound West Studios in London to get her hands on the 300 year old violin.
Check out the video below of her amazing day!
As Laura put the £4 million Stradivarius through its paces with V. Monti’s Czardas and the theme to Schindler’s List, little did she know that Nicola Benedetti was waiting in the wings to impart some knowledge and offer a one-off opporunity to duet with the world famous musician. Afterwards, she was full of praise for the compeition winner:
“I was thrilled to meet Laura Ayoub. She is a talented, wonderful young musician and it was thrilling for both of us to talk about technique and repertoire and share our experiences of studying the violin. I was extremely impressed with her commitment, hard work and dedication to violin and I wish her the best of luck for the future.”
What would you do to get your hands on such a wonderful violin? If not a Stradivarius, what would be your dream instrument? What would be the first thing you played on it?

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