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Yamaha set to embark on nursery tour

The benefits of learning a musical instrument at a young age have been Yamaha: Piaggero NP-V80 Digital Pianowell versed and there can be no doubt that it is a profitable endeavour.
And now Yamaha has gone a step further by announcing that it has teamed up with a concert pianist to help introduce young children to music making.
Concert pianist Hayley Elton will be going on a tour of UK nurseries, with events taking place in London, Potters Bar, Cambridge, Southend, South Wales and Liverpool between January and June next year.
The premise of the initiative is to introduce young children, their parents and pre-school teachers to classical music and the benefits of playing an instrument, Mi-Pro reports.
Each event will consist of a mini-recital and a practical lesson in which the children and their parents will be shown how to play a simple tune in five minutes.
“I’m delighted to be embarking on this tour of nurseries,” Hayley Elton told the news provider.
“It’s been a dream of mine to introduce very young people to music as early as possible in their lives. These events will also be a real eye-opener for parents who will see the tremendous benefits of introducing their children to music making at such an early age.”
The tour will also showcase Yamaha’s new budget Piaggero slim-line, ultra-lightweight digital piano, which it bills as an introductory instrument for beginners.
Yamaha’s decision to embark on a tour of the UK’s nurseries to promote music uptake among the younger generation comes after the government announced it would be reviewing music education in schools.
Education secretary Michael Gove explained that every child should be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
He added that access to a quality music education can help children to concentrate more, as well as improve their behaviour, numeracy and language skills.

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