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Yamaha launches concept amps for practice

Yamaha has unveiled its brand new concept guitar amplifiers with speakers, specifically designed for practice sessions.
The retro-design THR series will change the way guitarists are used to playing with the revolutionary design and sound quality, the manufacturer claims.
Compact in design, the amps have been developed to add new value to playing when practising away from the stage, be it in the bedroom or even outside, yet unlike some other amps, they are not just scaled-down versions of large stage amps.
According to Yamaha, it conducted extensive research to find out what guitarists wanted from a practice amp and environments in which they like to play.
Features include high-quality stereo output, on-board chromatic tuner and it can be battery operated.
Beginners can also use Cubase Al to experiment with home recordings.
The two amps in the series, the THR5 and THR10, use Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology for quality guitar sound and tones that respond like the original tube amps. Sound quality is not diminished when the volume is turned down either.
As for the audio sound, the amps have a wide frequency range and it even sounds as though the speakers are outside the main unit.
Musicians after a good looking amp will not be disappointed as they have a retro design and orange-coloured LED on the front grill.
The new amps show how technology has advanced enough for musicians to experience better sound quality in their playing, as well as improved flexibility and usability.
Also showing just how far technology has come in recent years is Gibson, which has launched the new Firebird X.
Based on the 1960s classical model, the electric guitar is packed with ground-breaking technologies including fourth-generation Robot tuners for automatic tuning and brand new onboard effects. It also has wireless Bluetooth pedals that make it easier to get around the stage.

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