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World's biggest violin goes from Guinness record to music fair

The biggest violin in the world is to go on show at music trade fair Musikmesse next month.
At over four metres it will take up a number of stands at the event.
Constructed by 15 violin makers from the town of Markneukirchen in Saxony, the violin has been officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records. It stands 4.27 metres tall and the bow is 5.22 metres long, making it seven times the size of a conventional violin.
Not only that, but it takes three musicians to create any sound out of the instrument because of its size. Two people have to hold and manoeuvre the bow, while one person stands on a platform to control the strings.
It took a tireless 1,300 hours to make the instrument, which is based on an old Vogtland model, and it features more than a cubic metre of spruce and maple, 40 kilograms of ebony and who knows how much glue and varnish.
The purpose of the project? Well, not only does it show off the extraordinary talent of German musical instrument craftsmanship, but it can even be played like any other instrument, although three octaves lower. And a piece has been composed especially for it.
Composer Stephan König has written a work appropriately titled Rhapsody for Giant Violin and Orchestra, which will be performed sometime in the future.
Anyone heading to Musikmesse 2012, which runs from March 21st-24th, can find the giant violin in Hall 1.2 where exhibitors will be showing off the latest string instrument products. The makers also promise to get some sound out of the violin.
Other highlights in the hall will include winning instruments of the German Musical Instrument Award, namely three cellos and three Renaissance lutes.
Hundreds of exhibitors are booked in to the trade fair for music instruments, sheet music, production and business. It will also hold a series of workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussion events.
Do you fancy playing a super size violin? Will you be heading down to Musikmesse next month? Let us know in the comment box below!

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