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Why Christmas Carols Make Everything OK

Begrudgingly sloping out of your warm bed and hopping on your cold floor every morning in December then waiting for your shower to heat up, you might be struck by the thought that potentially it’s all a bit hopeless. But worry not.
Yes, the amount of daylight is now at the lowest point of the year which means you wake up in freezing cold darkness fumbling desperately around for tea or any source of warmth whatsoever.
Yes, you’re deeply in debt despite having at least 5 more relations to buy unnecessary gifts for which they probably will give away to their local charity shop.
Yes, your liver aches from the sheer volume of mulled ______ (insert any alcoholic drink you fancy – mulled baileys, mulled amarula cream, etc).
BUT there is a cure for all of this. CAROLS. Sung by people in CATHEDRALS.
Soothing, slightly sad, blissful, soaring melody filling your ears, calming your woes and letting you remember what Christmas is all about. Music. It’s honestly the only bit about Christmas that doesn’t cause weight gain, doesn’t bankrupt you or leave you with a sore head.
We’ve compiled some beautiful carol music for you to enjoy, so click below and feel the relief palpably wash over you. Then make yourself a cup of tea, grab a biscuit and remember everything is going to be OK. And it starts to get lighter again in a couple of weeks.

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