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Which Sarah Watts Piano Book Is Best For You?

Sarah Watts is a multi-instrumentalist and prolific author of some of the UK’s most used instrumental and classroom methods. With hundreds of published works, she’s known for colorful educational music. Committed to inclusivity, she creates for often overlooked instruments, like oboe and bassoon. Her compositions feature prominently in music exam syllabuses, and she mentors aspiring composers through projects like the ABRSM’s “Writing for Music Education.”  
In this video, presented by Kevin Mayhew, Sarah Watts guides you through some of her entry-level piano books, to help you decide which piano book is best for you!

Books Mentioned in the Video

Hot Keys

Sarah Watts Hot Keys

Created by Sarah Watts and Rebecca Holt, the Hot Keys Piano course teaches instrumental technique and music literacy in a rounded and imaginative way across two books and one supplementary volume. Aimed at piano students 13 years old and above, and perfect for beginner adults too!

Piano Pizzazz

Sarah Watts Piano Pizzazz

Cool, jazz-based pieces that provide an ideal introduction to playing in a jazz style. Piano Pizzazz is packed with techniques and tips to help pianists learn to swing and improvise. Excellent for new players, especially those playing at Grade 1 to 3 level.

Play It Cool

Sarah Watts Play It Cool

Sarah Watts paints a colourful palette of popular styles written specifically with young players in mind. Play it Cool provides the opportunity to progress on the piano while still playing ‘cool’, enjoyable and fun pieces. Great for beginner to intermediate pianists, with Book 1 suitable for Grade 2-3 and Book 2 perfect for Grade 3-4.

Razzamajazz Repertoire

Sarah Watts Razzamajazz Repertoire

A collection of over 40 toe-tapping pieces in a variety of styles for students to perform or, use to improve technique and widen musical vocabulary. The fun-to-play pieces are in the same‘feel-good’ jazzy style. Suitable for beginner to intermediate pianists, with the contents perfect for Grade 2-4 musicians.

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