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What does your guitar say about you?

Guitars – music’s moral compasses?
The shape of a guitar is often assumed to be purely a matter of taste, look and feel, but according to one US music site, the dimensions of your six-string axe are also an indicator of their player’s morality, well… sort of!
After asking 1,000 musicians what their guitar said about them, designer Chris Gregori set to work turning their surveyed opinions into the images below. The concept behind the image was inspired by Matt Mcinerney‘s Trustworthiness of Beards poster
Click here for a full size picture of the poster.

Fans of Prince, PRS and the flying V look away now or embrace the dark side!

However, if you’re a hollow body player or fan of the venerable Les Paul, Strat or Telecaster, then your path may well be rightious.

For more information, or links to buy the poster, click here.
What does your guitar say about your morality?

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