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Weekly sessions designed to drum up interest in music making

A new drum clinic which opened in London yesterday (November 29th) will Remo: 25" x 14" Designer Series Djembe - Shadow Flamehelp encourage individuals to come together through musical interaction, it has been suggested.
The weekly sessions will form part of a new Recreational Music Centre on Denmark Street, Covent Garden, and are open to musicians of all ages and ability, Mi-Pro reports.
Created and run in association with percussion brand Remo, the events are of a similar nature to the popular drum circles which are held in the US and will give artists the opportunity to interact with other players.
To this end, participants will be invited to select a percussion instrument of their choice from the assortment provided and join in with a number of simple, fun exercises.
According to the individuals behind the workshops, Jamie Morgan and Carla Viegas of Rhythm Synergy, the sessions will give those with busy and stressful jobs and lifestyles an opportunity to relax and unwind after Stagg Music: Wooden Castanetswork as well as being a great way for individualsĀ to meet new people and enjoy making music.
“Everybody and anybody is welcome,” Mr Morgan told the news provider. “We’ve never been able to do something like this in Central London and this is my inspiration – reconnecting people with they joy of making music.”
Indeed, at the launch event yesterday observers were treated to a taster of what to expect in the full sessions.
Commencing on Monday January 10th at 6pm, the event takes place on the lower ground floor of Rose Morris‘ sheet music shop on Denmark Street.
The Recreational Music Centre will also be a facility for various other musical activities, such as those related to education, health and team building.

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