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Violinist Jenny Bae answers fan questions on Reddit

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World renowned classical violinist, Jenny Bae, has taken to Reddit to answer questions from her fans.

img2Hosting her own Ask Me Anything session, Bae covered fan questions ranging from her reaction to comparisons with Vanessa Mae to sexism within classical music and the music industry in general. You can read Jenny Bae’s one-on-one responses over on the Reddit thread here.
An advocate for how classical musicians can use social media to get closer to fans, Jenny Bae also discussed her ambition to produce a new album through crowd funding site Kickstarter. Using donations from her fans, the virtuoso violinist wants to take the power out of the hands of record companies and keep full creative control over her vision.
Bae also talked about sexism within the classical music circuit and how her experiences influenced her decision to crowd fund her next release rather than using more traditional channels:

“It is tough being a young woman traveling around the world, and you only have one person to trust, your manager, I have been very lucky with managers and people that I work with.

I was on a tour in Germany, I won’t mention the name of the tour, and I get a knock on my door at 11PM, and I saw the director of the show standing there. It’s best not to confront them, that’s what I learned, its best to pretend to ignore… Of course, I didn’t open the door, and pretended that I was asleep, but this is just a mild example. I was working on a track and the promoter offered to help me with my album, which costs a lot of money, especially if I want to do it properly, and the promoter offered to fund my album, and do all he can to make it a no.1. So I thanked him, and he put his hotel key in my hand…. so that album went down the drain.

I’m sure it is not always the case, but being a woman, from a foreign country, I think this is something that happens daily in my industry. And that’s why I wanted to fund my album independently.”

img3Using Kickstarter she hopes to produce a truly collaborative piece of contemporary music through the support and help of fans around the world. Entitled At Last… the album will feature a number of Bae’s friends and fellow musicians who she has met along her musical journey so far.
The album is said to include “a collection of classical favourites with a modern twist” and more information can be found on the project’s Kickstarter page.
Jenny Bae is a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School, where she was taught by world renowned violinist Dorothy DeLay. She has since performed at numerous major International events across the globe over the last decade.
Originally from Seoul, South Koera, Bae returned to her hometown in 2000 for a special live performance in front of 90,000 people at the The Peace Concert. Performing alongside the late, great Luciano Pavarotti, the concert was one of her very first major live performances, and see has since gone on to share the stage with many other world stars including Eric Clapton, Lionel Ritchie and Andrea Boccelli.
Jenny Bae is an ambassador for the Red Cross, whom she made a speech on behalf of at The United Nations. In 2008 she became the first South Korean to record with the North Korean Symphony, helping raise the money to build hospitals there.
Find out more about her Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

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