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VIDEO: Is Dubstep Avant-garde musical genius?

Is Dubstep not given enough respect?
Mike Rugnutta of the PBS Ideas Channel thinks there could be more to the much maligned and divisive dance genre and recently delved into the debate on YouTube.
The PBS channel posts new shows every Wednesday examining the connections between pop culture, technology and art, and this video on Dubstep is no different, pondering the potential links between the Futurist movement, noise music and Skrillex, Bassnectar and co.
Check it out below:
[youtube id=”3l_hy33-1Yw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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Could it be that the stadium-filling Dubstep DJ’s of today are the commercial vanguard for the inventive music makers of the future?
After all, Punk wasn’t exactly the most acceptable or ear-friendly sound when it burst onto the scene in the 70s. Yet many of those early, noisy pioneers would go on to refine and hone the movement’s initial energy, influencing and inspiring such acclaimed bands as Talking Heads, Joy Division and The Smiths, and later spawning the likes of Fugazi and At The Drive-In.
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It could be argued that many of today’s increasingly popular electronic artists, such as Lapalux and Teebs, are already benefitting from the gateway artists cracking the mainstream such as Skrillex who are introducing increasingly huge numbers of listeners to a new palette of less accessible sounds.
Would Punk have had that same game-changing impact if it were less confrontational, controversial and ultimately threatening to the musical status quo?
What do you think? Is Dubstep unfairly dismissed and discredited?

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