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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guides: Gifts For Musicians

Christmas catapults back into the fray quicker than you’d like to think it would and it’s time to start the wheels in motion of getting gifts for your loved ones, your buddies, your teachers, your pets, your partners, your enemies, your frenemies, your future husbands, future wives, children, housemates, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, classmates, tennis partners, clients, associates, bosses…and so on, and so forth.
What we’re trying to say is maybe a little nudge in the right direction might be of some use at this point? So, let’s get to it – here is our extensive list of suggestions for the would-be and current musicians in your lives.
Also, if this isn’t enough then give our Gift Finder a whirl to find the best instruments accessories and sheet music gift ideas for the musician in your life. GET INSPIRED HERE.
1) Kahana Soprano Ukulele – £59.99
Grow a beard, buy some craft beer, get some tats and get a ukulele. Makes sense.
Psst – The Puretone Kahana uke is also available as a bundle deal, which includes the uke, with a padded gig bag and a chromatic tuner – all for £64.95. (wow!)

2) Kinsman: Guitarist’s Dual-Stool – Combined Stool And Guitar – £29.99
Looks like a stool but guess what? It’s not. It’s a stool you can put both you feet AND a guitar on.

3) Pure Tone: Mini Clip-On Tuner – £10.99
Tuning made cool by putting it on the end of your guitar. That’s fine, it’s fun.

4) Looking Through You: Rare & Unseen Photographs From The Beatles Book Archive – £39.95

A bunch of mop-topped young men larking about like a real lot of idiots. But – it’s totally rare and never seen before so buy it immediately.

5) Overscore: Unique Removable Manuscript Tape – £5.99
Everyone makes mistakes. Now you don’t have to. Ha! One step towards infallibility.

6) Leather Music Case: Black – £49.99
Looks familiar, lasts for years ALTHOUGH I have no idea why it’s only sheet music that’s carried in these cute lil’ bags. Why not newspaper? Or a magazine? Laptop?

7)  AirTurn DUO: Pedal Board BT-106 Controller With ATFS-2 Pedals
Turn that page with the tap of a foot. Evolution has arrived. Yo, also this is hyper useful with our app – which btw comes with a free tuner. Check it out here (it’s free).

8) The Music Book Maker – A Totally Customisable Music Book – from £14.95

9) Pick Cutter: Plectrum Punching Tool – £19.99

You can have so much fun with this thing because you can create a plectrum out of a sandwich if you want. Wild!

10) JazzDeck™: Textbook In A Box – 54 Card Deck – £15.95
This cool guy in America who is better than you at trumpet has made this sick deck which teaches you to be as good if not better than him.

11) Pure Tone: Universal Tablet Stand (Suits iPad/iPad Mini/Android/Kindle etc.) – £34.99
Hold it. Hooooold iiiiit. Easy does it, buddy. iPads are expensive. This isn’t. Do the mathematixxxx

12) Gibson Memory Cable –  £79.99
This is cool because basically it remembers all them sweet jams you made when you didn’t even mean to! Yeeehaw

13) Marshall: MG15CFR – 15w Combo – £89.00 (£10 off!)
Get some MEAT behind that guitar sound with this ludicrously great value amp!

14) Hercules: AGS Wall-Mount Guitar Hanger – £14.99
Mount up! Like in the Warren G song. Except in this instance you’re putting a guitar on your wall, not getting in a car with your homies.

15) First Aid Kit For Guitar – Acoustic – £19.99
CLEAR! beep beep beep CLEAR! *BOOM*
Like that – but less dramatic. And for guitars.
Also avaialable for bass and ukulele.

16) Pure Tone: Half Moon Tambourine (Black) – £6.99
Shakey shakey shakey shakey. All through Christmas. Shake it until you drop. Jingle bells all year round. Hoorah.

17) Sound Asleep Pillow – £17.99
Yeah it’s got a speaker in it that’s totally sunken and you can like… go to.. go .. to… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Then all you need to do is wrap it all up … in this glorious Musicroom branded wrapping paper for £1.90! CHRISTMAS FOREVER!!

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