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Totally Impractical Instrument Hacks: A Trombone Flamethrower

trombone flamethrower
Valenin Guérin has taken something which has been the butt of many a joke for many years and made it incredibly dangerous and completely impractical for indoor use: a trombone flamethrower.
Do you remember the sort of nerdy guy in school who seemed a bit unfortunate and weedy? Made strange comments every now and then which jarred slightly with the wider social group? But then something happened and he took up martial arts and body building for 5 years and suddenly became less of an awkward anomaly and more of a genuinely unnerving physical threat?
Yeah, that.
Behold the ‘pyro-trombone’. FYI: As clearly stated on Guérin’s website: “The Pyro-Trombone was developed with the help of pyrotechnicians, it meets the standards for outdoor performances.”

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