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What's Your Next Top Ten Piano Book?

Your Next Top Ten Piano Book

The Top Ten Piano series.

One of the fastest growing series for piano players from Wise Publications.

There are options for pianists of all stripes, from jazz, to pop, to classical to film scores. The difficulty levels of each book ranges from beginner to intermediate, offering pianists chance to challenge themselves and grow with each title.

But wait! With so much choice, how will you work out which book is for you? YOU ARE LOST!

But worry not, we have your back, with this specially formulated and scientifically tested* flow chart we can deliver you to the Top Ten that works for you in a matter of moments. Join us on a magical quest to FIND YOUR TOP TEN!


*No animals were harmed during the making of this flow chart, but someone in the office was eating a chicken banh mi that looked really nice.



Top Ten Piano Flowchart

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