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The Top Musicroom Products at the Podcast Show 2023

Earlier this month, Musicroom attended The Podcast Show where we featured several of our audio brands including Samson and Cloud. Hosted at the Business Design Centre in London, the event featured fantastic speakers from across the podcast world, from creators to industry professionals, discussing a range of interesting topics. Over two days we joined some of the most prolific brands in podcasting and audio production including Spotify, BBC Sounds, Amazon Music, and many more.

Below you will find information regarding some of the top products we had on offer during the event. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your podcast, then look no further as we surely have something for you!


Samson Technologies is an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio. For over four decades, Samson have been dedicated to the innovation of new products that will enhance the lives of music and broadcast professionals everywhere.

When it comes to podcast equipment, Samson offer a diverse range perfect for all your podcasting needs. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned podcaster, you’ll find everything you need from Samson!

C01U Pro Podcasting Pack

C01U Pro Podcasting Pack

If you’re new to podcasting, or simply looking to upgrade the audio quality of your podcast setup, the pro podcasting pack from Samson is perfect for you. Containing a C01U Pro USB studio condenser microphone with a USB cable, an MD2 desktop microphone stand, a pair of SR850 semi-open studio headphones, and a carry case.

Providing smooth, flat frequency response, transparent tone and a large diaphragm designed to capture subtle nuances of your voice, the C01U USB microphone is ideal for any podcast studio providing great quality audio. The simple plug-and-play operation via USB makes it extremely easy to use with both Mac and Windows computers, whilst also being compatible with iPad and iPhone (with an Apple adapter) giving you complete flexibility with your desired recording set-up. Delivering fantastic audio quality with a semi-open back design ensuring comfort for long sessions, the SR850 studio headphones are ideal for recording and mixing your podcast. Ensuring you sound your best for your listeners. The durable, moulded carry case included with this pack stores your microphone, cable, and stand for convenient travel.

Q9U Broadcast Microphone

Q9U Broadcast Microphone

The Q9U broadcast dynamic microphone produces professional high-quality audio for podcasts, broadcasts, streams, and live recording sessions. The Q9U ensures your voice is kept front and centre whilst minimizing ambient pick-up. Depth and detail within your voice is captured through the large dynamic range and wide frequency response. alongside the high-definition digital audio resolution allows you to record directly into your Mac or Windows computer without any driver downloads.

Zero latency headphone monitoring allows you to hear your voice in real time, ideal for podcasting and recording. Having both an XLR output and USB-C connection, the Q9U is easily integrated with any professional or home studio set-up, ideal if you are a one-person show, or building a multi-host production studio. The Q9U features a robust construction and features a swivel yoke external mount allowing it to fit on a range of microphone stands. A dual layer windscreen minimizes popping and plosives, removing the need for a pop-filter and leaving you with crisp, professional sounding audio for your podcast.

Samson offer a massive range of audio equipment so be sure to check out the full range of products available on Musicroom from microphones, stands and cables, to speakers and studio headphones.


Since their debut at the 2009 Audio Engineering Society, Cloud Microphones has established itself as an industry leader and innovator in microphone technology and manufacturing. Perhaps Cloud’s most well-known products, the Cloudlifters, allow users to increase the sound quality of their existing microphone and preamplification set-ups. They have had a massive impact on several sectors within the audio industry including podcasting.

Cloud offers a fantastic range of microphone activators designed to improve the performance of your microphone. The Cloudlifters are powered along the microphone cable, working in line with the phantom power to increase the sensitivity of your microphone and provide an additional 25dB of ultra-clean gain, and reduce feedback. The result is world-class pre-amplification, in an easy to use and affordable package that’s widely accessible, whilst being easily portable thanks to its compact design and robust build quality.


The industry standard Cloudlifter is the CL-1, which comes highly recommended by a range of audio professionals. For those who require multiple microphone inputs Cloud also offer the CL-2 model with two inputs and the CL-4 with 4 inputs.

Their most recent release is the CLX which sees them build upon the CL1, with this model providing up to 36dB of additional ultra-clean gain and selectable output modes perfect for a variety of audio sources. The CL-X also reduces noise that many pre-amps, mixers, and audio interfaces create when turned up too high giving you the best possible microphone sound.

Equipment from both Samson and Cloud are perfect for podcasters and musicians. Whether you’re a musician looking to record their music, a producer, or audio engineer, recording your own podcast, or recording one for a client, be sure to browse the entire collection of pro audio equipment available at Musicroom, from a range of high-quality brands, get your studio achieving its full potential.

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