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The Top 12 Glastonbury Performances Of All Time

The somewhat tribal gathering that is Glastonbury is very nearly upon us – and I for one have never been in my life. It’s a sad fact which I’m trying to correct as what could be better than hundreds of thousands of pilgrims worshiping at the alter of music? I wouldn’t even mind about the mud or the mess or the lack of sleep – it’s all worthwhile as it’s all in the name of music.
Here are 12 of my favourite Glastonbury performances which I’ve absorbed in a second-hand sort of way through televisions in my life – Glastonbury (and bands themselves) can sometimes be defined by performances such as the recordings below. So sit back and enjoy – and if you’re going to attend this Wednesday then let this excite you even more and wonder whose performance will put them in the hall of fame this year.
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1. Radiohead Glastonbur 2003 – Pyramind Stage

2) Blur Glastonbury 2009

3) Amy Winehouse Glastonbury 2008
4) Oasis Glastonbury 1994

5) Orbital Glastbury 1994 – 2004 (because they’ve consistently been incredible for 10 years)
6) Beyonce Glastonbury 2011
7) The Flaming Lips Glastonbury 2003

8) The Arctic Monkeys Glastonbury 2007
9) The Prodigy Glastonbury 1995

10) Florence and the Machine Glastonbury 2009

11) Stevie Wonder Glastonbury 2010

12) Muse Glastonbury 2010

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