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Top 10 Moog Google doodle YouTube performances

The release of the Moog Google doodle yesterday, saw the keyboard warriors of YouTube converted into QWERTY performance pianists.
We loved Sasha Kolenko‘s witty picture of his Moog prodigy synth and four track, which you can see above.
Below are our top ten picks of the best Moog Google doodle performances from yesterday. Enjoy!
Brett Domino playing Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic

Lumadroid’s Strobe by deadmau5
Three men and their MacBook’s tackle Van Halen’s Jump

The theme from Tetris, beautifully realized via Google

This effort made use of the customisable, oscillators, filters, mixer and envelope to nail synth tone for the theme from Dr Who
“goin’ crazy on the google moog doodle” – who know you could shred on a QWERTY keyboard?
It’s not perfect, but the Moogle trend would never have been complete without at least an attempt at some Bach

The Uprising by Muse also got a run out, with the user tweaked tone hitting just the right sound
The Beatles’ Hey Jude as you’ve never heard it before, played through a search engine. Or should that be Hey Moog?

And finally, a doff of the cap to the previous title holder of “Google’s best ever doodle”
What are your favourite Moogle performance videos? Did we miss any that deserve to make the list?

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