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Thousands of events planned for World Music Day

No matter what professional standard or genre, music will be celebrated across the globe tomorrow (June 21st) for World Music Day.
Originating in France in 1982, the event now reaches more than 100 countries in Europe and throughout the world, with the ambition to make music and education accessible to all.
And making sure that everyone in the world has access to music is The Big Noise, which is marking the event by re-gifting unwanted musical instruments to disadvantaged communities.
Anything from recorders to saxophones and even grand pianos and full-sized organs have been donated to organisations in the UK and abroad, helping to run music therapy projects.
One such charity is the Rainbow Centre, which offers therapy to bereaved children. Angela Emms, centre director at The Rainbow Centre, said: “Kids love nothing better than making a noise but as well as being great fun, music therapy can enhance expressive and interactive ability; it can provide a means of socialisation, sharing, and developing.”
Other events marking the day will see musicians perform for free at large public concerts in locations away from the usual venues. Crowds can gather in museums, train stations and other venues to bring musical genres to the masses and popularise music practice.
Last year, New York City organised more than 1,000 performances on pavements, parks and community gardens, while in the UK, the Liverpool Music Support Service will mark the day with a Passion for Music Festival, in which young people in the city perform to audiences and share music with others in workshops.
Over 700 pupils from schools in Liverpool will also join together for iSing and learn about song in workshops.
“Tuesday’s event is a time for fun, further learning and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Liverpool’s future musicians in line with the World Music Day events happening across the globe,” Jean Tremarco, co-ordinator of classroom support at Liverpool Music Support Service told ClickLiverpool.

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