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They came and played at the Barbican!

Yamaha recently supported the Barbican Guildhall, providing them with a Absolute Beginners: Alto Saxophoneselection of great gear for their ‘Come & Play At The Barbican’ event.
Running on 6-7 November, the event was an amazing two-day musical extravaganza open to anyone of any age to simply ‘have a go’.
An initiative run by the Barbican and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and supported by Yamaha, the aim of the event was to allow people to find their inner musician. Put simply:
‘Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument? Bring your family and friends to try the trumpet, discover the drums or play the piano and fill the Barbican with sound.’
In addition to the introductory sessions, the weekend included musical workshops, where visitors were able to try playing different genres. Everything was covered, from folk to classical to rock. There were also sessions where people were taught how to make their own instruments!

The free weekend was a total success with over 3000 children attending where they were able to hear, touch and play an instrument for the first time, and make a LOT of noise!  Hopefully a new generation of musicians have been inspired to take up and learn an instrument!

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