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The Ukuleles dazzle the crowds at Musicroom London

Last week, Musicroom’s London store played host to a showcase performance by The Ukuleles, an exciting new musical duo championing the delightful sounds of the miniature four string instruments.
The band is made up of Logan, a self-taught player who discovered the instrument when living in Miami, and Martha who he spotted playing the uke on-stage at the Great Escape Festival. After striking up a firm friendship they decided to join forces and create The Ukuleles.
Their debut album is set to be released on August 20, along with an accompanying tutorial DVD and songbook which will be available from Musicroom. Featuring their own takes on tracks by Adele, Jessie J and ukulele favourites such as Over The Rainbow, The Ukuleles want to highlight the beauty of their instruments and widen its appeal.
Along with a number journalists in the crowd, Ukulele player and broadcaster Nicky Campbell also made an appearance and even took to the stage to join the group for a couple of songs. Speaking to the Musicroom blog, the BBC presenter was full of praise for the band:
“They were great and so cool! Taking these classic and modern songs and giving them a lovely ukulele twist – it just shows that the ukulele is such a portable, wonderful and adaptable instrument, especially when you play a decent one.
“There’s so many kids getting interested in the ukulele and playing it. When they see people like Martha and Logan playing it they’re going to realise it’s a really great instrument.”
One of his own songs is featured on the group’s album, which was also one of the tracks he performed with them on the night. Speaking about how he discovered the ukuele and the joys of writing for the instrument, Campbell said:
“I played piano and guitar and then just thought, after about five years, I think I’ll teach myself the ukulele. I took to it like a duck to water. Being a writer as well you can write different types of things on different instruments. You’d write a different song on piano than you would on the guitar, and I found that the ukulele was a whole new avenue to new songs and new types of writing.”
After finishing their set, Logan and Martha lead the room in an impromptu session covering the basics of how to play the ukulele, to the delight of their audience.
Check out this exclusive teaser video of the band’s forthcoming tutorial DVD:
[youtube id=”A-TJNZC1OWw” width=”600″ height=”350″]
You can find and follow The Ukuleles online on their Facebook page and Tumblr blog!
Pictures taken during the evening can be browsed in the gallery below:

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