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The story of Keep Calm And Carry On

“Keep Calm And Carry On” is the ubiquitous retro-slogan that’s become an ever-present fixture across the high streets, television screens and Facebook profiles of the UK.
Originally intended for use as a poster, designed and printed under the spectre of a potential invasion during world war two, this no nonsense phrase from a bygone era and its accompanying image seems strangely apt to many in modern Britain today.
Although around 70 years old, the typeset, graphics and wording all seem to resonate with the attitudes and imaginations of today, underpinned by a sense of reliability, stoicism and heroic resolve—the stereotypical elements of that popular, idealised sense of traditional Britishness that many people continue to identify with and honour.
So how did an unpublished morale boosting world war two poster become one of the iconic visual memes of the early 21st century?
The short film below tells the story of the poster, from its rediscovery in a backroom at Barter Books in Northumberland to infectious pop-culture notability. Made In Chelsea anyone?
[youtube id=”FrHkKXFRbCI” width=”600″ height=”350″]
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