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The Shetland Isles set to be invaded by a musical Transformer

Michael Bay’s big budget, blockbuster film series, Transformers, tells the story of an Earth based war between the Autobots and Decepticons; robotic aliens from another world whose battles level entire cities and threaten the continued survival of human kind.
Fortunately for the residents of the Shetland Isles, the arrival of Buzzbeak, their own Transformer-esque visitor, will not be a sign of impending doom brought about by an inter-galactic insurgency.
The bird-like robot heading to their shores is a peaceful music lover rather than the crass, violent warrior types depicted on the big screen.
In the words of Scottish arts charity, UZ Arts, Buzzbeak will creep through the streets of the Shetland Isles through August, recording “gifts” of music and sound.
This imaginative tour of the islands forms part of the charity’s ambitious new street arts programme, Roofless, which aims to engage with local and regional communities across Scotland.
The Shetlands will be Buzzbeak’s first destination as the islands will be where a giant, futuristic robot is least expected.
Part bird, part robot and part music box, the Transformers inspired goliath has been laboriously built out of an old Land Rover with its jagged metal body set off by a set of glowing red eyes.
During the course of the project, the robot will record live sounds and mp3/vinyl music for a remix that will become a grand finale concert.
Check out the week four progress video of Buzzbeak below:

Explaining the thought behind the Roofless programme, head of Creative Scotland Andrew Dixon told the website: “The Year of Creative Scotland will raise the roof with this visionary programme of outdoor events across Scotland.
“UZ Events has an international reputation for iconic street arts projects that engage with local participants and reach new audiences.”
Buzzbeak is not the only special event the charity has planned. In total, it will create five large-scale public participation events throughout Scotland, with the aim of forging links between artists and the public.
They include a Robert Burns-inspired flash mob and sound installations in Ayrshire and a mythic dance cycle in Dumfries and Galloway.
A raft of music, dance and visual arts projects are being planned in the country as it celebrates the Year of Creative Scotland, including innovative public space projects like Roofless and events like the Aberdeen Jazz Festival.

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