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The Promise Ring cover Adele's Rumour Has It

In September, as part of their Starbucks Undercover 2012 campaign, the AV Club asked 90’s Emo stalwarts The Promise Ring to come in and record a cover from their list of potential songs.
They chose Adele‘s Rumour Has It. Check out their version below:

The Promise Ring covers Adele

With a gaggle of friends and helpers brought in to add some life and punky energy to the session, they managed to put a unique spin on Adele‘s smash hit.
Formed in Milwaukee in the mid-’90s, The Promise Ring are one of the most revered bands in the often confusing – and always obtuse – genre stables of Emo, Indie and Post-hardcore depending on who you ask.
What do you think of The Promise Ring’s cover of Rumour Has It? What’s your favourite genre-splitting cover version?

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