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The Musicroom viral video roundup

The Musicroom viral video roundup is back once again with six videos that have been doing the rounds online this week.
We begin on a somber note, with the sad news of Eduard Khil’s passing at the age of 77 this week. Although you may not immediately recognise the Russian singer by name, you may well have heard his voice online at some point over the last two years, especially if the words “trololololololol” sound familiar at all.
His song I Am Glad, ‘Cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home rose to prominence in the most unlikely fashion in 2010 after meme fans picked up on its coincidental lyrics, dubbing Eduard Khil the Trololo Guy.
The singer enjoyed his bizarre new found fame and was able to see the funny side of it all, stating in an interview that “It’s love of people. They are full of feeling. I don’t think that’s a parody. Maybe some elements of parody, but it is benevolent parody.”
After hearing the news of his death on June 4, a YouTube tribute video was quickly uploaded featuring a special appearance by Khil in St Petersburg at the very end. Thanks for all the lolls Eduard!
Elsewhere online this week Muse released a controversial teaser trailer for their forthcoming album, The 2nd Law. The video sparked some passionate debate amongst the band’s fanbase and detractors due to what some listeners feared was a sign of a new, faddish dubstep direction for the Devonshire stadium rockers.
What do you make of the trailer? Is “going dubstep” music’s latest answer to jumping the shark?

This next video is not one for the squeamish!
For their new promo advert, MTV sent a camera down someone’s throat to film a set of vocal cords while their careful owner belted out a rendition of The Who’s My Generation.
Were we the only ones wondering if Ridley Scott and H. R. Giger had moved into the music video business?

Next up, a clip that has divided the internet: is it a clever parody or a worryingly genuine entry to Justin Bieber’s Fanvideo competition?
Entrants were encouraged to pen their own versions of Bieber’s Boyfriend as part of a promotional competition for his new fragrance. As bloggers and commentators across the net line up to freak out about the “creepy” and “obsessive” fan in the video below, we suspect that the joke’s actually on them.
Could this actually be an exceptionally well done send up? What do you think?

Now to a cover that is unfortunately all too real.
During what appears to be a college talent show, three students struggle to get to grips with the air guitar classic, The Final Countdown by Europe. Is this the worst YouTube cover yet?
Finally we come to this week’s rather left field end to our list, with a remix of gentle American children’s TV stalwart Mr Rodgers.
It’s a strangely charming three minutes of autotuned melody and chopped edits that creates a trance like atmosphere thanks to the soothing qualities of the veteran presenter’s voice over the music.
Check it out for yourself! Here is Mr Rodgers in Gardens Of Your Mind by PBS Digital Studios.

Did we miss any? What were your favourite videos from the list above?
Enjoy your weekend and check back for another Musicroom viral video round up next week!

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