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The Musicroom Viral Video Roundup

As the spectre of Eurovision 2012 looms large over the coming weekend, what better place to start this week’s roundup than with two videos from the competition’s semi-finals that have gone more viral than Dustin Hoffman’s microscopic nemesis in Outbreak.
First up, the group that will forever be half-remembered as The Singing Russian Grannies.

Eurovision is derided by some as a cheesy insult to popular music, so it’s great to see this year’s hair-gelled Irish hopefuls, Jedward, putting on an authentic, unplugged performance of their heartfelt track, Waterline on the streets of Azerbijan.

Moving away from this Saturday’s euro-pop goliath, but keeping things fun, here’s an impromptu Fresh Prince duet between Will Smith and Gary Barlow from The Graham Norton Show.
The BBC have disabled embedding on their videos, so watch the clip on YouTube.
Football megastar David Beckham has also been making music this week with the help of a 15 foot wall of finely tuned drums. Here is the LA Galaxy maestro kicking several drum skins out of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy.
Finally, and on the topic of novel ways to make sounds, the new Leap touchless computer interface has excited tech folk across the web this. Surely it’s just a matter of time before some bright spark sees the gadget’s potential as a new way for musicians to interact with their music?

What videos have you been watching this week?

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