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The Musicroom Viral Video Roundup

This week we begin with a salute to the Queen of Disco herself, Donna Summer, who sadly passed away this week. Here is her hit song, Last Dance.

From the sublime to the ridiculous – covered in a surprisingly respectable manner – we head to Noah’s unplugged take on LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It.

Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards” – the timeless words of Rebecca Black, the pivotal artist of her genertion, or something.
This Friday however, Ms Black may have met her match in the confusingly successful girl duo, Hot Problems (has Samatha Brick moved into A&R?).
Anyway, they’re this week’s targets for a Bad Lip Reading rework. Check out Time To Rock:
Now for another video shot within a motorised vehicle, here’s how to wake up a kid (using Breed by Nirvana).
Next up, America gets all gooey over Jorge and Alexa Narvaez’s cute America’s Got Talent audition.
Speaking of gelatinous sentimentality, we finish on Jammie Dodgers’ new music-based ad campaign, which apes the TV talent show format and soppy love ballads with their new skit single, A Certain Gooey Thing by Jammie.

See you next week!

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