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The DUBE: a four panel, multi-tonal percussion instrument from Dion Dublin

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Dion and the Dube team meet Stevie Wonder at NAMM 2012.

The simple cubed design of The DUBE, Dion Dublin’s portable percussion creation, belies a sophisticated and elegant musical instrument that is fast becoming one of the most talked about names in the world of professional and session drummers.
With an ever-growing list of award-winning musicians who count themselves as fans, from Thomas Lang and Craig Blundell to Courtney Pine and Karl Brazil, The DUBE is already being put through its paces in studios and on stages across the world. After trying the DUBE out for himself last year at NAMM 2012, Stevie Wonder took one home for himself!
The Musicroom blog interviewed Dion Dublin last week about his innovative drumming creation. Click here to read about the instrument and its story.
At the heart of the DUBE is its four playable sides, each offering a different tone and sound to give players a plethora of sonic and musical options and possibilities as they play. While loud and vibrant enough to cut through an acoustic guitar set or unplugged jam session with ease, the DUBE’s built-in microphone means that loud volumes aren’t an issue. There’s also no need for complicated or expensive technical set-ups at sound-check either – just plug in, check your levels and go!
The four sizes of Dube in action.

There are four sizes of DUBE: the 9” Soprano, 12” Alto, 15” Baritone and 18” Tenor – a whole family of DUBEs! The rich variety of sounds, textures and tones means that, whatever your style, from acoustic jams, latin jazz, drum’n’bass, IDM, folk rock and beyond, the DUBE has the expressive qualities to complement and enhance your music.
For those wanting to take the music with them, or enjoy some extra freedom and mobility on stage, the DUBE can be rigged up to a harness. Purpose-built stands are also available for musicians and players who wish to add a DUBE to their drum kit or to their on-stage ensemble.
The panels of the DUBE can also be personalized with a custom design service to put the unique personality and look of individual musicians into their instrument. Until October 17, Musicroom are offering readers the chance to win a 12” DUBE by submitting their own custom panel design. Click here to find out more about this fantastic competition.
The DUBE is ideal for professional or amateur musicians, schools and even DJ’s, and offers intuitive rhythmic accompaniment to anyone who needs a beat.
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Click here for more information on the Musicroom DUBE competition, or to submit your Design-a-DUBE entry.
What do you think of the DUBE? Have you had the opportunity to try one for yourself?

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