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The Best Stocking Filler Ideas for Music Lovers

What better way to surprise your favorite musicians than with thoughtful and music-inspired gifts? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve curated a list of festive, fun, and practical items that will strike a harmonious chord with musicians of all kinds. From achievement stickers that boost motivation to pocket-sized scores and unique collectibles, let our selection of Christmas stocking filler ideas add some musical magic to this holiday season. 

A link is included for each gift mentioned in this blog. For Christmas gifts, make sure to check out our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Musicians!

Mini Musical Gifts: Our recommendations


Achievement Stickers

Achievement stickers in lessons can offer several benefits. They serve as a motivational tool by providing positive reinforcement, boosting students’ self-esteem, and encouraging continued effort and learning. Stickers can also be used for goal setting and tracking progress, making the learning process more goal-oriented and engaging. Our musical achievement stickers are a gift that will delight little ones and prove useful to teachers all year long!

From £1.90

Stave Pen

A Stave Pen

Save yourself the nightmare of drawing staves with this handy Noligraph stave pen. The design allows you to draw a complete five-line stave in no time, meaning theory practice just got a whole lot easier! Featuring replaceable leads and able to create staves that are approximately 10mm high with line spacing of 2mm, this is the perfect gift for anyone working on theory papers or who enjoys handwriting their music.


Christmas Crackers


What’s better after Christmas dinner than getting the whole family playing together with these handbell musical crackers? Containing eight handbells, badges, sheet music, and a conductor’s baton to create your own orchestra! Be sure to check out our full selection of Christmas crackers here.


Funko Pops

A Musical Funko Pop

Funko Pops add a delightful twist to the festive season. These collectible figures are not just for die-hard music fans but also for anyone who appreciates a touch of pop culture nostalgia. Whether it’s commemorating iconic albums like AC/DC’s Highway to Hell or celebrating beloved artists from a wide range of genres, Funko Pop! figures come with intricate details and packaging suitable for display, making them an ideal addition to any musician’s or music lover’s stocking. With a variety of options available, you can easily find the perfect Funko Pop! that pays homage to your loved one’s musical preferences, adding a touch of personality and charm to the holiday festivities.

From £12.99

Model Guitar

Miniature Replica Guitars

The perfect gift for any guitar enthusiast, these miniature replica model guitars are officially licensed to commemorate iconic instruments. Each 1:4 scale ornamental replica guitar is individually handcrafted with solid wood and metal tuning keys and is approximately 10 inches in length. Coming complete with a high-quality miniature adjustable A-frame stand and guitar case gift box. Though they are not playable, Axes Heaven Miniature Replicas look fantastic.

From £18.99

Avid Sibelius


Sibelius from AVID is the music notation software trusted by professionals throughout the music industry. With different version available, there’s a suitable one for every musician. Whether you’re composing for school, college or university coursework, creating arrangements for your ensemble, composing for fun, or even a professional composer, Sibelius can cater to all your needs.

Pocket-Sized Scores and Books: Our recommendations

How to Practise Music

How To Practise Music

“Full of golden advice…a great source of wisdom.” – Strad Magazine. Accessible and authoritative, How to Practise Music is an ideal guide for anyone learning to play music. Suitable for instrumentalists and vocalists of any genre, this comprehensive handbook will give you and your students a better idea of how to practise music, good reasons for doing so, and the confidence to succeed. The small format of the book makes it a perfect stocking filler for musicians, teachers, and students – the essential, pocket-sized companion for every musician!


Pocket Music Dictionary

Pocket Music Dictionary

Here’s the most contemporary music dictionary on the market! Conveniently divided into three main sections: The Dictionary of Music Terms defines over 2,000 music terms concisely, including notation and theory terms, instruments and terms used in pop music, electronic music and the music business; The Dictionary of Musicians provides more than 400 capsule biographies of composers and other musicians; and Reference Charts give instant, at-a-glance summaries of the essentials of music, encompassing instrumental and vocal ranges, notation signs and symbols, and scales, modes and key signatures.


Little Black Songbooks

Little Black Songbooks

Little Black Songbooks provide easy-to-read guitar chord window diagrams with complete lyrics to an extensive repertoire of songs. From Little Black Songbook Acoustic Hit Songs to Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Metal and more. The books provide the perfect accompaniment for a sing-along. Whether you’re a fan of AC/DC, David Bowie, The Beatles or Johnny Cash, to name just a few, find their music in The Little Black Songbook series. There’s even chord and scale reference books within the series and Little Black Songbooks for ukulele too!

From £12.99


Musician’s Notebooks

What do Beethoven, Mahler and Britten have in common? Long walks and writing their ideas down on paper! Useful, discrete and pocket-sized, these selections of musical notebooks are a great companion for touring musicians, students, teachers and lovers of the great outdoors. Here’s a new year’s resolution idea inspired by our three forefathers mentioned earlier: take a walk before your practise, lesson or performance, and write down what you hope to achieve or feel after. After doing so, go for another walk and allow this break time to process your hard work. Write down how you feel, what you have achieved and areas where progress is needed. We hope this little writing and walking exercise will help you separate your ‘work’ from your thinking environment and allow you to feel more centered in your musical practise.

From £12.99

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