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The 8 milestones of recorded sound: from Thomas Edison to T-Pain

Cdza are a group of music and digital professionals who create and upload musical video experiments to their YouTube channel ever other Tuesday.
This week’s clip covers the eight milestones of recorded sound, beginning with Thomas Edison’s phonograph, through mono, stereo and multi-track recordings and up to the present day and T-Pain’s auto-tuned reign of terror.
Matt McCorkle, Cdza’s audio engineer expert, is your host and guide through the video journey, with some of his studio based friends and a digital mixing desk on hand to help.
Check out the video for yourself below:
[youtube id=”zTuZ7PzJkOI” width=”600″ height=”350″]
It’s amazing to consider the speed at which sound recording developed as well as its influence over 20th and 21st century music makers in comparison to the composers who lived before recordings were possible. In just under a century and a half, sound technology and recording technique have risen up to equal, impact and at times surpass traditional approaches to songwriting and performance.
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What do you think were the most important development in sound recording for musicians? Do you have any favourite recording technique or tricks?

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