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Terry Riley signs exclusive publishing deal

Terry Riley, one of the founders of the Minimalist movement, has signed an exclusive deal with G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers.
Having recently been named in the Sunday Times as one of the top 1,000 makers of the 20th Century, he is credited as being a founding member of the Minimalist movement, with the release of In C in 1964.
This work offered musicians a new concept and method for writing music based on the notion of interlocking repetitive patterns. Its invention has helped to influence a number of modern-day artists and can be heard in the works of countless composers as well as more mainstream rock groups such as The Who.
It forms a part of a total of 27 complete works which have been produced by the composer.

Artists that have commissioned or played his works in the past include the Kronos Quartet, Rova Saxophone Quartet, Steven Scott Bowed Piano Ensemble, John Zorn, Sarah Cahill, guitarist David Tanenbaum, drummer George Marsh and guitarist Gyan Riley among others.
Riley has also scored three feature films and has made music for numerous short films including those of Bruce Conner.
Speaking after the announcement, Kristin Lancino, vice-president of the publishing firm, said: “The venerable and masterful composer/pianist Terry Riley joining G. Schirmer/AMP and the Music Sales Group is simply an honour.
“The entire team on all continents looks forward to a long partnership with both his new composed works and the dynamic existing catalogue.”
Riley is also active as a performer, regularly giving solo piano concerts of his works from the past 30 years, appearing in concerts of Indian classical music and conducting raga singing seminars.
Among his recent works include Transylvanian Horn Courtship (2008) for string quartet doubling on Stroh instruments, Universal Bridge (2008) for pipe organ and the violin concerto Zephir (2009).

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