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Tenacious D are back with a hilarious new music video mini-movie

Six years on from the release of their second album, The Pick of Destiny, Tenacious D have returned!
The comedy rock duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gas first burst onto the scene in 2001, quickly amassing a cult following thanks to their extended music videos that played up to the pairs comic acting skills and over-the-top rock star personas.
Their hit track, Tribute, became far more than a novelty comedy song, and is now a staple of rock tinged karaokes, casual acoustic jams and intoxicated sing-a-longs the world over.
The new track and video from “The D”, To Be The Best is one part Rocky montage to three parts self send up, as Black and Gas spin a yarn of how the band fell apart only to rise on their forthcoming release, the grammatically perfect, Rize of the Fenix.
Featuring Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer and a host of other star cameos, its quite possibly the best Tenacious D video yet!
Check out the video below:

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