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Tee's Bass Rumblings…. "For The Love Of Fender!"

For The Love Of Fender!
“For the love of Fender!” you may cry in a moment of despair…..this is because in the eyes of many a bass player, Fender is a god of bass guitars.  In 1951 Leo Fender, along with employee George Fullerton, created the first mass-produced electric bass guitar- my favourite of ALL basses- the Precision Bass.
Why do I and countless other bass players, love this particular bass so much?  For me, it’s the solid body, smooth buttery neck, simplistic looks and punchy tone that cuts right through the guitars and drums.  Some of the greatest players out there use the Precision bass including a few of my personal favourites who have come up with the warmest yet punchiest bass tones I’ve ever heard.
Melissa Auf De MaurJohn Deacon of Queen , Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, Cliff Williams of AC/DC, Paul Simonon of The Clash and last but not least my bass “hero” and “heroine” Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver and Melissa Auf de Maur (seen left) of Hole/ Smashing Pumpkins.
 Do you ever find when you are listening to a song and you find yourself lost in either a guitar solo, bass riff or drum pattern that has just gotten it’s hooks into you and won’t let go until you’ve heard it until the end with your eyes squeezed shut and that “yeah baby!” expression on your face ( I’m sure we all do that!) because nobody can see you? Then you hop onto the internet, desperate to find out what that magical tone was that just turned you slightly crazy for a few minutes?
Well, usually when that happens to me, I will discover that the tone that just sent me temporarily insane was in fact a Fender Precision bass run through a Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI!  The combination of the two always seems to result in this deep, punchy, gnarly growling almost commanding tone. What a match made in Heaven!
With my ramble coming to a close, I want to finish up by saying the Fender Precision is a versatile instrument that’s tone is suitable for music genres from Blues all the way to Metal.  It is a quality built bass at an affordable price. Our Mexican Standard Precision bass starts at just £569 and our American Standard starts from £949.99. Or if you are just starting to learn to play bass, then our Squire by Fender Affinity Precision starter packs including the Fender Rumble 15 amp with bits and bobs to get you going come in at an affordable £269.
“For the love of Fender!” This is why I love you.

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