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Teaching Music full of great resources

Music teachers looking for ideas surrounding teaching music lessons Debbie Campbell: Blooming Gorgeous (Teacher's Pack)may want to log on to the Teaching Music resource.
Teaching Music is available to all those involved in music education: teachers, community musicians, senior management and policy makers.
The educational website provides teachers and tutors with all the information that they will require to get the most out of their personal teaching environment.
Ranging from resources about singing, composing, performing or even discussing the subject, Teaching Music aims to become the number one portal for individuals to share, reflect and improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in music education.
It aims to become a space for educators to access information, reflect on their methods, connect with others and contribute their own resources.
To this end, the site is funded by the TDA and managed by National Alison Hedger: Scarecrow's Christmas! (Teacher's Book/CD)Association of Music Educators and Music Education Council.
Once registered, members of the resource will be allocated their very own profile page from which they can share ideas and access more information from the site.
Indeed, once members find a resource that they think that they could utilise they can add it to their own personal library on their profile page.
”You can also add private notes to items you add in your library – so you can remember why it was so memorable in the first place,” Teaching Music explains.

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