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Teachers create rap video to get kids to revise

Encouraging kids to revise can sometimes be a challenge but a group of teachers in the US have tried to level with their students by producing a rap video on revision.
Before you roll your eyes (and mouse wheel) at the thought of another over-egged attempt to “get down with the kids”, spare your cringes-the teachers’ efforts have been a big hit with the student body at Jennings High School, Missouri.

Staff have reported hearing the tune being sung and rapped throughout the school and, after an upload to YouTube, the video has gone viral.
The idea came from chair of the school’s English department, Benicia Nanez, who wanted to find an innovative way to motivate her students for their end of course exams.
She rounded up 12 teachers and the school’s two principals to cover a version of Ace Hood’s Hustle Hard.
“Initially we were just going to do like a dance montage to the video and then the science teachers actually were like hey how about we do our own words,” Nanez told KSDK.com.
Swapping ‘hustle hard’ for ‘study hard’, they set about writing their own lyrics about how to revise, as well as throwing in a few fundamental facts about biology, maths and American history.
The teachers even looked the part, donning baggy clothing, sharp hats and even some bling to ham up a caricatured hip-hop vibe. Their costumes and eye for detail were hilarious to their classes.
“They laugh hysterically at us and think we try to be super fly, but if they’re understanding and remembering it and they’re singing it as they walk down the hall ways that’s totally what it was for,” explained physical science and physics teacher Jessica Young.
“I don’t know anything about rap, but I figured I could hold my own, try it, [and] bust out some beats.”
The YouTube video has scored thousands of hits and has been recreated in other schools across the US.
It’s not the first time teachers have tried to use music to make their lessons more exciting and memorable for students.
Last year, staff at Bell Baxter High School in Scotland broke out into a flash mob in the canteen for students on the last day of class before they started their study leave as a fun way to motivate them for exam period.
Check it out below:

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