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Study looks at the future of the music industry

A new survey that hopes to gather informed opinions of where the music industry will be in ten years time has been launched.
Music Supported Here has revealed that its Ten in Ten study is now online. As such, the organisation is calling upon musicians, fans, managers, record labels, lawyers and others working in the industry to offer their views, opinions and forecasts for the future.
The questionnaire is designed to gather people’s views on a number of topics including issues surrounding musician’s rights, illegal downloading and music funding, among other subjects.

Horace Trubridge, assistant general secretary of the Musicians’ Union, said that while it is difficult to predict exactly what the coming years have in store for the industry the study would give an indication of the major concerns that are present.
“The concept is simple. Ten questions that will be answered by experts from the music industry – musicians, fans, managers, labels etc – to give an overall picture of what we think is going to happen,” he said.
“Will illegal downloading become less of a problem? Will recording contracts be fairer? Will there be less new talent emerging?”
Take part in the poll here – your views count!
The results on the Music Supported Here survey will be revealed on Friday March 18th during a special event at the Camden Roundhouse in London where key findings will be discussed by a panel of industry experts.
“None of us can really be sure of what 2021 holds for the music industry, but we think that the opinions of thousands of people who live and breathe the music industry will produce some pretty accurate predictions,” Mr Trubridge added.
Music Supported Here works to improve every aspect of the new developing music industry for all those directly affected by it.

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