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Studio Envy: Manifold Recording Studio

studioporn Let’s start things off in the right way for our Studio Envy series – this beautiful (and carbon neutral) studio in North Carolina is excessively beautiful and completely in tune with nature with it’s incredible almost entirely wooden interior and idyllic setting. It’s site has the following to say: “Manifold Recording is a high-end, full-scale,¬†carbon-neutral¬†recording studio and media production facility. The Miraverse is an environment where new approaches to music production, licensing, and distribution can achieve better creative, economic, and cultural outcomes for all involved participants: artists, engineers, producers, and ultimately, audiences of all descriptions. Manifold Recording and the Miraverse are the yin and yang of this all-encompassing facility located 15 miles South of Chapel Hill North Carolina.” masthead-new ACR_Ultrawide ¬† music-vert

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