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Strike A Chord: The Top 10 Gift Guide For Pianists


Pianists of the world rejoice – the ultimate gift guide for pianists has landed!
Look at the sheer scale of it! It’s important to note this is no black-and-white affair, but a complicated major list of key presents which should hit the right notes with any musician. I can’t hammer this home strongly enough, you won’t be able to keep a lid on how good this is.

1) Composer Bust: Debussy (Porcelain)

A delightful miniature statue of a man firmly established in the world of piano players as a demi-god. Designed by A. Giannelli and made from finest quality porcelain with a felt base, this 5 inch miniature bust is sure to inspire and delight you.

2) Composer Bust: Chopin (Porcelain)

The same as above – but a bit less grisly and smoother of visage.

3) Silver Plated Spiral Keyboard Pendant

A carefully designed Silver Plated Spiral Keyboard Pendant. Something which can be worn at many occasions, including classical music concerts or even a night in your local pub. 

Presented in an elegant gift box.

4) Yamaha CLP575PE Clavinova Digital Piano: Polished Ebony

Grand Piano resonance and feel in every detail, a superbly crafted Keyboard that features a different weight for each key and state-of-the art physical modeling techniques.
“Real Grand Expression.” – This phrase defines the expressive capability of the Yamaha Clavinova. It is not only the full realisation of the sound, the touch and the pedals, but the application of technologies nurtured by crafting acoustic Pianos to perfectly integrate these three elements into a single Piano.
This Piano produces that exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. As you play, you will truly feel as though you are playing a Grand Piano.
A stool is not included with this Piano.

5) Umbrella: Keyboard Design

Sing in the rain – but without getting wet and annoyed.

6) Doormat: Keyboard And Notes

Wiping your feet on a keyboard whilst humming the notes that the keys might make is a fun way of doing something quite mundane in order for you not to mess up your house.

7) Honey & Vanilla Moisturising Hand Cream: Pianists

Hard work indeed using those elongated fingers to play at your piano. Worry not, this rather delightfully scented hand cream will keep those pinkies perky. 

8) Mini Pin: Grand Piano (Black)

If people didn’t know you played the piano, wearing this pin consistently will drop a big enough hint for them to get the picture. 

9) Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano: Black

The Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano in black is for all musicians looking for an instrument suitable for both serious practice and live performance.

Thanks to its portable design and built-in speaker system, the P255 can be played in any place or setting.

10) John Rutter: Candlelight Carol (SSAA)

Warm the cockles around the fire with this wonderful song from John Rutter, a festive favourite. 

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