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Spruce Up For Spring: Cleaning Musical Instrument Guide

New Season, New Accessories, New YOU. Spring has landed, daffodils have bloomed, people’s bodies and souls are gradually thawing and it’s time you got down to it and started doing some RIGOROUS spring cleaning. Starting with your most treasured possession: your musical instrument.
There are a few things you should really know about having a clean musical instrument – firstly, it’s not all about how it looks (although, there’s no denying a twinkling trumpet is a wonderful thing), a clean instrument sounds sharper, clearer and ensures (especially if you have a woodwind instrument) that your keys don’t stick at the worst possible moments.
So here’s a quick step guide to getting those instruments looking and most importantly sounding absolutely crystal clear – like a beautiful spring morning!
We’re currently running a pretty wild 3 for 2 offer on all cleaning accessories in the name of cleanliness and things sounding great. You can browse the MASSIVE selection here.
1) Brass instruments need cleaning regularly to deliver consistently good sound – the guys are literally up to their eyeballs in your spittle most of the time.
Give brass a break. Use some valve oil to ensure the valves are responsive and well lubricated otherwise you risk them sticking (find it here on musicroom.com).

2) Weird tip – but brush your teeth before you play your instrument – specifically ones that require you to use your mouth to make a sound. The food particles will travel down into the horn and it will become gross. This handy little tip will mean you won’t have to spring clean it – like – every single time you play it.FC512
3) Horn players will know that one of the most vital parts of their instrument is the cork at the top. Without good cork, air escapes and you lose pressure and have to blow a whole lot harder to make any kind of noise. How do you keep your cork in good nick? Cork grease my friend. Lots of lovely cork grease. Use this ‘lipstick style’ cork grease to keep things nice and slick. Happy corks all around. Pop a bottle! (don’t). (find cork grease on musicroom.com here)
KDS8004) Guitar heads will know the furious burn one can get from shredding the fret board morning till night. Your fingers will look gross, no one will hold your hand, everyone is literally repulsed by your crumbling digits. Don’t let this happen – get yourself some lemon oil, a quick spray and a wipe and you’ll have FRESH smelling and well conditioned finger tips forever. (Get your lemon oil here on musicroom.com).

5) Pull through accessories are totally essential for those looking for a non-gross instrument which actually sounds good. Are you one of those people? Great, great. We have a massive selection for you to browse through here.

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