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Spending cuts to hit music provision

Government spending cuts are likely to have a negative effect on the  Prev      * backcovers  Next  Patricia M. Gane: Making Music - Creative Ideas For Instrumental Teacherslevel and standard of music provision in schools, it has been suggested.
As the coalition looks to address the growing national deficit, education services are likely to be hit hardest by the cutbacks.
Speaking to the Independent, Virginia Haworth-Galt, chief executive of the Federation of Music Services (FMS), said that proposed funding reductions will mean that parents will be forced to make up the budget shortfall.
This, she added, will lead to a growing divide between pupils from rich and poor backgrounds.
Ms Haworth-Galt forecast that the worst-affected areas would be local authority-run orchestras and ensembles, adding that it is more likely they would be forced to face up to the reality of government funding cuts.
“In some areas parents are having to step in and pick up the pieces to ensure provision British Music Education Yearbook 2011continues. This is one option where there are cuts. It will mean a lack of access to music for those children from low-income backgrounds,” she told the news provider.
Meanwhile, in news which is likely to come as a further blow to music educators, a recent study by the FMS revealed that a large number of providers of music tuition in schools had handed redundancy notices to staff.
The findings of the survey come just before the publication of a government review of music education which is being carried out by Darren Henley, head of Classic FM.
According to the FMS, music services will be in a dangerous situation if the results of the review do not recommend that more cash be afforded to the subject.
The news comes after it was revealed that a ring-fenced fund of £82 million for music education is due to be scrapped at the end of March. A separate £10 million, set aside to buy instruments for schools, will also end.
Are you involved in youth music? Have you been affected by spending cuts? Share your experiences and thoughts with us.

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