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Soundtrack Your Valentine's Day

SoundTrack Your Valentine's Day

What have you got planned this Valentine’s Day?
Planning a romantic evening in for a loved one? Home-cooked meal? Wine? Chocolates? Mood lighting? Music?
What will you play? What could provide the perfect mood to tell your significant other “I love you”.
If you’re like me, your own playlists will be a bit, for lack of a better term, random. Maybe, like me, you’re terrified that you’ll hear ‘Let Me Love You‘ mixed in between ‘Black or White‘ and ‘Freedom‘.
Even resorting to the internet for Valentine’s playlists don’t offer exactly what you want. Why can’t I find ONE playlist with all the best love songs in it?!
We all deserve that special playlist that says “I love you” in numerous genres and across musical eras. And here it is.
You’re welcome.

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