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Sir Tom Jones to receive music honour

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Legendary Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones is to be presented with a Music Industry Trust Award for his outstanding contribution to music, it has been announced.
Following in the esteemed footsteps of composers and artists such as Sir Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Peter Gabriel, Sir Tom Jones has been announced as this year’s recipient of the outstanding contribution to music accolade.
Presented by the Music Industry Trust, the award recognises the vocal powerhouse’s five-decade-long career in the music and entertainment business.
Chairman of the award committee David Munns said that it was an honour to be able to give the award to “one of the world’s greatest singers”.
He continued, describing Sir Tom as a “rare being, a timeless entertainer, a great guy who clearly loves what he does and whose talent appeals to successive generations”, something that has been helped by his ability to change and grow as an artist to cope with the ever-changing popular music scene.
With his 70th birthday approaching and with over 100 million record sales, Sir Tom was blessed with a unique talent to understand and adapt to the growing industry, while his weighty voice – of baritone to tenor range – has helped him to attract a far-reaching and wide audience.
Having been influenced in his youth by a combination of rock and blues music, Sir Tom is able to manage a variety of musical expression and combines his high-energy performances with emotional delivery.
The Music Industry Trust awards are currently in their 19th year and hope to attract over 1,000 guests to the forthcoming ceremony in London.
Do you think that Sir Tom’s popularity as an artist is due to the range of vocal styles that he enjoys?

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