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Sing up and stay safe on the road

It is already considered a powerful tool for both education and health, but Sing-Along Soul With A Live Band now a study has found that singing in the car actually makes us safer drivers.
Research by Privilege Insurance has suggested that musically-minded Brits who enjoy a sing-along in their motors are more relaxed and safer on the road.
In total, half of all motorists questioned admitted to singing while driving, while almost one in ten claim that in-car conversation distracts them.
Almost two-thirds of drivers who have been accident free for four years claimed that the music they listened to soothed them while driving, making them feel calmer and more relaxed.
Furthermore, the study found that safe and unsafe drivers listen to different genres of music. Those with a history of no accidents were more likely to enjoy easy listening, classical and indie/rock.
Dr Nicola Dibben, a music psychologist from the University of Sheffield, Sing-Along Swing With A Live Bandstated that overly complex music can actually divert motorists’ attention away from the roads, lead to greater driver aggression and reckless motoring behaviour.
In the study, Dr Dibben confirms that music can actually help motorists drive safely. She commented: “Singing while driving stimulates not only the mind but also the body which in turn produces heightened alertness and reduced fatigue. Singing may be less distracting than conversation because drivers recall words to songs they already know, or because it is fairly easy to learn the words to music where it uses repeated lyrics.”
Furthermore, the expert concluded that “choosing the right music can actually boost concentration and increase considerate, safe driving”.

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