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Sebastian: the amazing remote-controlled, cyber conductor

Have you been at a classical concert and thought to yourself: “I really wish I could control this performance with a remote control, from the comfort of my own seat”?
Well now you can, thanks to Sebastian, the amazingly life-like, remote-controlled cyborg conductor!
Sebastian comes with a number of features which you check out in this demo video below; play, stop, pause, slow-mo reverse, key change and even a major/minor toggle option. Incredible.
Here is cyber conductor model GTX 2007 VL, or just Sebastian for short, performing Mozart’s 40th and Beethovens 5th symphony to a German concert audience. Enjoy.

The Cyber Conductor is the brainchild of violinist, composer and actor Aleksey Igudesman, who devised the orchestral comedy with concert violinist Sebastian Gürtler.
The piece, for two violins, a symphony orchestra and “an average-looking man with a tie enters holding a remote control”, is as impressive as it is funny, with the orchestra successfully executing some amazing feats as part of the performance.
What do you think of Sebastian the Cyber Conductor? Would you enjoy having a cyborg orchestra under your control?

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