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Scissor Sisters to score Fraggle Rock movie

While their outlandish performances have been subject to criticism from more conservative music fans and groups, the Scissor Sisters latest project is expected to be a lot more child-friendly.
The group have been commissioned to write the music for the forthcoming Hollywood adaption of the children’s television show Fraggle Rock. The pairing of Jake Shears and Babydaddy will tackle the soundtrack to Jim Henson’s much-loved 80s TV show which is expected to be released at some point in 2012.
One of the most beloved TV shows of the 80s, Fraggle Rock ran from 1983 to 1987, followed by one season as a cartoon. The collaboration came to fruition after the band’s American publisher Spirit Music signed an agreement with the Jim Henson Company.
MusicWeek cited Spirit Music’s managing director as saying: “By working with [Henson] right from the start it means we can make music an integral part of the film … [We can make it] as important and as emotionally effective as the film-making.”
The film has had its problems getting off the ground as it was first announced in 2005 by The Jim Henson Company for a release in 2009.
Meanwhile, back in 2007, KOCH Records released Fraggle Rockin: A Collection, the recording featured “remastered” versions of the three original Fraggle Rock albums. The complete series collection featuring all 96 episodes was released on DVD in 2009.
Scissor Sisters first came to prominence following the release of their disco version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, which topped the charts throughout Europe.
Their eponymous debut album became an international success, especially in the UK where it reached number one, was the best-selling recording of 2004, was later certified platinum by the BPI and accrued them three BRIT Awards in 2005.

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