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Roland to release V-Piano Grand

Roland has announced its plans to release the V-Piano Grand at the Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music London next month.
It will be the first public display of the instrument in the UK since it was formally launched at the NAMM Show back in January.
Set to be debuted at a concert at the venue on July 13th, world-class soloist and chamber musician Daniel Tong will play the instrument, with tickets for the recital still available.
The V-Piano Grand adds to Roland’s groundbreaking work reproducing the organic expression of acoustic instruments using state-of-the-art technology, first seen through the original V-Piano.
Roland explains that the latest model boosts an improved sound generator compared to the previous model, while the V-Piano Grand’s “living” piano engine replicates every detail of the acoustic piano’s sound production process, starting from the hammer hitting the strings.
“The result is seamless, transparent tonal change that corresponds to key pressure,” the manufacturer notes.
“Unlike any instrument before, the V-Piano Grand’s built-in sound system employs intelligent multi-channel audio technology that creates a sound space in which the player and audience may not be aware of the existence of speakers.”
The Grand is encased in a traditionally styled ebony body, which contains Roland’s revolutionary sound modelling technology and creates a sound to replicate an acoustic grand piano, while providing pianists the opportunity to customise the sound to suit their needs.
Indeed, players can refine the settings to change the material the soundboard is made of, the length of the strings, the hardness of the hammers, or the tuning of individual strings, to name a few. The result is a stringless grand piano that responds to each pianist’s individual playing style and character.

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