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Robots show off musical skills

Although it is unlikely that this robot, built by Japanese car maker Toyota, will be showing up at the Royal Albert Hall anytime soon, it is an interesting insight into what could be the driving force behind future music technology.

Featuring artificial lips which move with the same finesse as human ones, the robot is able to play programmed songs, note perfect, and with an impressive stage presence.
Programming machines to make music is something which has been around for a while now and, as testament to this, the trumpet-playing model is not the only talented musician to have been built by Toyota.
In addition, the car giant has also designed and programmed tuba, trombone, horn and drum-playing variants. According to the company, the robots have been developed to play an important and entertaining role in the future of performance.
Indeed, the end result is certainly impressive and while we cannot see them replacing humans in symphony orchestras and bands anytime soon, their talent is sure to be utilised somewhere, by someone.

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