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RIP Jerry Bock

Jerry Bock, the composer of the musical Fiddler on the Roof has sadly Jerry Bock: Fiddler On The Roof - Vocal Selectionspassed away, aged 81.
He made his debut as a composer for broadway with the revue “Catch A Star” in 1955, composing the music for three of the show’s songs, with Larry Holofcener providing the lyrics.
The duo successfully worked together on a number of projects, but jerry’s first full score was written for “Mr Wonderful”, starring Sammy Davis Junior, which featured hit a title song as well as the popular “Too close for comfort”.
Mr Bock’s most renowned composition however, was Fiddler on the Roof.  Opening in 1964, the show ran for eight years and  received a Tony Award in 1972 for becoming the longest running broadway musical in history. It was eventually turned into a film in 1971 and won three academy awards.  The melodies still haunt audiences today, specifically in the song Sunrise, Sunset,
“Sunrise, Sunset, Swiftly fly the years.  One season following another, Laden with happiness and tears”

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