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Rhinegold Education Key Stage 2: Lesson 2

From Rhinegold Education, here is the Key Stage 1: Lesson 2 (ages 7-11) which explores making fun sounds in a variety of different ways!

Learning Objective – to use body percussion to play rhythmic ostinatos. To use a series of body percussion sounds to create our own ostinatos!

Length: ½ hour.

1. An ostinato is a pattern that repeats.

Today we’re learning about rhythmic ostinatos: ostinatos that can’t be sung but that could be played on a drumkit.

Today we’re going to play these ostinatos using our bodies.

2. Play this clip of the amazing Ollie Tunmer:

Give your child some time to practise and master it. Perhaps you can try it together! Maybe they could teach a friend or family member over a video call or teach a sibling. There are lots more to learn in Ollie’s book Body Beats!

3. Now play this second clip to learn another ostinato:

Again, give your child some time to practise and master it.

4. Let’s learn together! Watch the teaching video below.

Help your child to practise this until they are confident. Perhaps pause the video after each new section.

5. Now ask your child to experiment with different sounds they can make with their body.

Encourage your child to be as creative and inventive as possible. Go on, why don’t you join in as well?! Modelling like this will help your child develop their own techniques by learning from you. Make sure you celebrate mistakes-these lead to great learning!

6. Let’s create some more ostinatos together. Watch the teaching video below and have fun!

If you need further reference to the phrases in the video, here are the words. Ask your child to chant the different phrases until the rhythms are firmly in their heads:

‘Do you like my cool ostinato?/ It’s amazing: that’s a fact/ Play this rhythm together with me.’

By Rebecca White for Rhinegold Education.

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