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Rhinegold Education Key Stage 1: Lesson 2

Key Stage 1: Lesson 2

From Rhinegold Education, here is the Key Stage 1: Lesson 2 (ages 5-7) which explores making fun sounds in a variety of different ways!

Learning Objective: to make and recognise a variety of sounds. To make loud, quiet, fast and slow sounds.

Length: ½ hour.

1. Fetch some household objects that you can use to make different sounds.

I would suggest at least 5 items, e.g., a bunch of keys, a bowl of water, a glass you can tap, a saucepan and a wooden spoon to hit it with, a pair of spoons.

2. Which Sound is it? Take it in turns with your child to make a sound using each object.

Can you each make different sounds with the same object? Now take it in turns to close your eyes whilst the other person chooses one of the objects and makes a sound with it. Can you open your eyes and guess which object made the sound?

3. Now play each object in turn but leave one out.

Can you child tell you which object didn’t make a sound? Challenge your child to have a go at this as well so that you can guess the missing object.

4. Loud and Quiet: now listen to the audio clip:

‘Say how are you? How do you do? How are you feeling this very fine day? Are you happy? Or are you sad? Or are you just feeling ok?’

Copy the chant in a loud voice and then in a quiet voice!

5. Now Let’s play!

Can you use the household objects (‘instruments’) to play as loudly as you can? Make it a competition between you! Can you play them now as quietly as possible?

6. Fast and Slow: Listen to the second audio clip.

7. Now Let’s Play!

Ask your child to choose which of the household objects makes their favourite sound. Can they play this sound along to the following tracks, trying to stay with the speed of the music?

8. Have a short conversation with your child to recap what has been learnt!

By Rebecca White for Rhinegold Education

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