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Rhinegold Education Key Stage 1 & 2: Lesson 9

From Rhinegold Education, here is the latest Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) where we’ll be going on a bear hunt, and for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) lesson 9 we’ll be learning all about the orchestra!

Key Stage 1: Lesson 9

Learning Objective: to use different materials to make ‘real life’ sounds.

Length: ½ hour.

1. We’re going to go on a bear hunt!

Are you feeling brave? Then let’s watch the following clip!

2. Can you use your body to make the sounds of the different places they go on the bear hunt?

You can experiment with different sounds, but if you’re not sure try these:

Grass: rub your hands together.
River: make an ‘oo’ shape with your mouth and flick your cheek with your fingers.
Mud: hold your two hands loosely together and bang the heels of your hands together.
Forest: use your feet against the ground.
Snowstorm: blow with your mouth.
Cave: 3 claps, each one quieter than the last. 

3. Join in with Michael Rosen reading his poem, using your sounds.

4. How about going on a nature walk and finding things that could represent the different places on the bear hunt adventure?

Why not do a performance together, playing through the poem, making your sounds, and lifting up your natural ‘props’ from your walk?

Key Stage Two: Lesson 9

Learning Objective: To understand what an orchestra is. To listen to and identify different instrumental sections of an orchestra.

1. Today we are going to learn all about the amazing orchestra.

First, watch this!

2. Isn’t an orchestra wonderful?! Let’s go into a bit more detail now.

Watch the following clip:

3. Can you identify the different pieces of music played by the various sections of the orchestra?

Listen to the following audio clip and try and work out which family of instruments is playing the main theme.

4. Do you want to check your answers?

Watch the following clip up to 2:00 and you can see which instruments are playing.

By Rebecca White for Rhinegold Education

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